Ballpit Monster
Based in Montevideo, Uruguay

Release date:
7 February, 2013

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FROG ORBS is a fast-action game where players blast enemies to protect themselves and the powerful orbs that will help them on their quest. Benglings have invaded this once peaceful land. Nothing could stop them! That was until they took HIS flies! Now Bufo, the wizard apprentice, will blast the menace off to get them back and save the world while at it! Make enemies explode with Bufo’s magic blasts. Time your taps correctly and cause chain reactions between enemy explosion. Cast powerful orb spells to assist you: From raining fireballs to huge unstoppable earth golems! Don’t let those benglings destroy your orbs or you will be in trouble!


Our first project released in February 2013 for iOS devices. Frog Orbs is a cartoon-twist to classic fast paced arcade action. Players blast enemies to protect themselves and the powerful orbs that will help them on their quest. Frog Orbs managed more than 300,000 downloads on its first month online. Apple featured it in its App Store in more than 120 countries, appearing in lists such as New and Noteworthy and What's Hot for weeks. We are very proud of these achievements considering that it is our first game as a studio.


  • Face more than 20 types of evil Benglings.
  • Defend 5 magical frog lands —Field, Ice, Fire, Wind, and Earth— each with enemies vulnerable to different elemental attacks.
  • Complete 200+ objectives to unlock new levels, enemies, spells and items.
  • Master the elemental orbs and cast up to 12 powerful spells.
  • Cause epic chain-reactions from one enemy to the next.
  • Start fires, freeze enemies, launch rock barricades, build shields, and much more!
  • Collect flies to buy upgrades, items, and potions in the Workshop.
  • Equip different Caps, Staffs, and Charms to enhance your elemental spells and become the ultimate frog wizard.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Featured in Apple's App Store in more than 120 countries (including USA)" Frog Orbs - February, 2013
  • "QualityIndex Finest Game Publishers" QualityIndex - February, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "It’s fun, it’s addictive, it’s unique, and it’s a great time killer."
    - George Tinari (on Frog Orbs), IntoMobile
  • "Frog Orbs has the benefit of feeling both familiar and fresh."
    - Phil Hornshaw, Appolicious - Apps Worth Downloading

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About Ballpit Monster

Ballpit Monster is a videogame studio based in Montevideo, Uruguay. Founded in 2012, the monsters here work really hard to develop original games that appeal to a broad audience. Most of these monsters have worked on other ballpits making web browser and iOS games. When they're not cooking up their next creation you can find them wandering around the ballpit - scaring children and stealing their socks.

More information
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Frog Orbs Credits

Rodrigo Alem Fernández
Game Design, Production

Ignacio Parietti

Guillermo Capurro

Alen Chimanoski
Animation and Illustration

Gabriel Camargo

María José Sanguinetti
Collaborator, Art

Natalia Rodó
Collaborator, Art

Nicolás González
Collaborator, Art

Hernán González
Music and SFX

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